9 Feb

In September 2022 Change Your Self organised YE called ROOTS. During the youth exchange, 26 participants from Slovakia, Armenia, Latvia and the Russian Federation had a chance to rediscover their own true selves. Over a week of non-formal activities, participants rediscovered their connection to nature, culture and themselves. We are bringing a few pictures from the experience and soon we will share with you videos capturing cultural simulations

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1 Nov

From 14 to 22 October, the youth conference “CRITICAL THINKING – HEALTHY FOOD FOR YOUR MIND”, funded by the European Commission ERASMUS+, took place in Varlas Plage (France). The project involved young people from six countries: France, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Ukraine. Далее »

30 Oct

Learn, learn and learn again!
It was with such thoughts and mood that three representatives of the Opora went to Armenia! A training seminar “YOUthArt-Supporting Community Development”, funded by the European Commission ERASMUS+, took place in Stepanavan (Armenia) from 22 to 30 October. Далее »

5 Sep

Opora is partner to a two year-project aimed to empower local communities in 6 European countries: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and to strengthen a sense of European community across borders. This project includes meetings, trainings and exchange of long-term volunteers; in its framework, Opora will welcome Jan Bergmann, a German volunteer, for 12 months.

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26 Jun

The first half of 2018 has been full of interesting events and good news for our organization in terms of international cooperation and projects! We wanted to share with you some of our achievements. Далее »

7 Dec

We are very happy about the success of the last meeting of our Travelers’ Club which was held on 28th November at the coworking centre КОНТОРА and gathered more than 30 people. The first part was presented by Arthur in the form of a little quizz, which constisted in 20 questions about the history and culture of the States ; the winner got her reward in cookies (Starbuck’s recipe). Далее »

15 Nov

For two months, Nastya, Ksenya, Karina and Veronika have been involved in their European Volunteer Service (EVS, in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme) in three European countries. Let’s get to know more about their projects and what their lives look like.

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27 Oct

Two volunteers of Opora have participated to the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS) which took place throughout Russia and in the seaside city of Sochi from 13th till 22nd October 2017.

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28 Aug

For me the best thing about Tramplin is, that it’s a world on it’s own.

If you are not the person needing to organize everything and communicating with the ‘outer world’ all the time (about transport, food, …) Далее »

7 Oct

The activists of the public organization Opora visited a youth exchange An Active Summer in Kuterevo that took place from 19-30 August 2015 in Croatia. Далее »