For me, the best thing about Tramplin is that it’s a world on its own

For me the best thing about Tramplin is, that it’s a world on it’s own.

If you are not the person needing to organize everything and communicating with the ‘outer world’ all the time (about transport, food, …) you can have a really easy life in Tramplin. The thing is, there are the 80 people you can talk to and the area of Tramplin you can go to, so there is no need of making big plans or anything.

I switched off my Internet for the time of the camp (the connection there was very bad, anyway) so I haven’t been on Facebook, not been reading my eMails nor checked the weather forecast at all – and I didn’t miss it. If it rained I put on my rain jacket and if there was sun I was able to relax on the beach.

The way from one end of the camp to the other was not very long but long enough that normally you would just call someone, when you needed an item from the other side of the camp and you knew they are coming anyway. So it felt kind of strange to go back and forth (sometimes in the pouring rain) if I had been easier to call the other person, but after some time I also got used to that.

We – the foreign volunteers – had the lessons for the kids about our country (geography, food, celebrations, stereotypes or whatever we wanted) which basically everyone coordinated for himself and we planned two ‘events’ all together – an international evening (dances, games and quizzes) and a game on cultures.
For the rest of the time we either relaxed, participated in other events of the camp or helped somewhere if needed, cutting potatoes for example.

So this small world was my home for a month and I must say I really felt at home there – after the first days of getting used to it of course – and I would love to live again in Opora’s Tramplin world.

Katharina Preuss, Germany