Wait a bit, then you’ll love it!

Paula Godori Ribo has been one of our foreign volunteers at the summer camp Tramplin 2017. She tells us about her experience.

There is a huge difference between living with all the commodities that a home offers compared with having to sleep on the floor, walking into the woods if you needed to go to the toilet, having to clean yourself in a river and not having any communication with loved ones… At the beginning all of this was not easy and it was made more difficult when it was raining day after day. Personally it was quite hard for me to adapt to this situation as my Russian was not very good and the sun was not there to help me out.DC09PhrNOwEFortunately the weather improved and we started to do more activities such as morning exercises, hiking, outdoor games, climbing and performances. After some days I started to love life in Tramplin, everything became much more comfortable and easy. Little by little I started to speak with some kids and I was very happy to be able to speak with them even though I did not understand a lot.GHTaegHhnSkAs an international volunteer my goal was to show the kids many traditions and culture from my country. I was very glad to teach them some of the Catalan traditions and play some games with them. It was lovely to see how each kid was completely different from the other with beautiful qualities. At the end we became a big family, and it was beautiful to burn a huge pyre and tell each other how special we are and how important we have become to each other. Personally it was an amazing experience to live in the deep Russian forest with lovely Russian people.W34VSi3zMJc