Bonjour Blandine!

At the beginning of September, Opora welcomed a volunteer from the Spanish Basque County. At the end of the month, a new volunteer from the other side of the Basque border has arrived: Blandine. She comes from Nantes, a French city located on the west coast of France. She is going to stay until the end of July 2019, thanks to the European Voluntary Service (EVS)* a project funded by the European Union (More info on EVS program Here).


Blandine, Bianca or mysterious B, prepared a welcome party last Friday (the 5th of October), to introduce her country and her city through two really interesting games. The first game was about French geography and regional food specialties. The participants had to complete a French map locating the main cities’ names and some of the most famous regional dishes. The idea was to show that French cuisine is not just about cheese and wine, that it has many other specialties. Through the game, we could also learn that French cuisine is influenced by the neighboring countries such as Belgium or Italy.

French maps team

The second game she prepared was focused on her city and all the nice spots to see and visit, in order to introduce Nantes’ rich history. Although it is not so well-known abroad, the city of Nantes has many historical buildings connected to Brittany’s region history and was the French main harbor during triangle trade.

The participants were really into the games, that is why all deserved a reward: some crepes bretonnes! Quite similar to the Russian blinis, and also pancakes, the crepes from Britanny are thinner than the pancakes and can be made with different flours. We enjoyed the end of the evening talking and eating some French crepes, while listening to some French music.

quizz et crepes

Blandine will stay ten months among us. You might see her in the different events organized by Opora throughout the year. Bienvenue a Iochkar-Ola, Blandine !