Scream! Is Halloween!

Pumpkins, bat, skeletons, Mummys… For a reason I still have not discovered, I have always been attracted to Halloween but, in spite of this attraction, it was only a few years ago that I started celebrating it.
The first time I celebrated it it was with my English students and it soon became one of my favourites traditions. That is way this year a could not do other thing but to celebrate it with my beloved Smoothie participants and to share my love for this traditional festivity.

Both Advanced and Beginner’s Smothie groups were united the evening of Halloween, so that we could all have fun together. All the participants were welcomed into our scary room and, to set them in the appropriate mood for Halloween, we enjoyed the short film Vincent by Tim Burton. After the film, we had a Halloween Trivia Quiz were we could learn some facts about this festivity. We had also time to play the same games like Mummy races, mystery box or monster freeze dance.
halloween activities

In all Halloween events costumes play an important role, and so it was in our Halloween Smoothie. Some were simple like mine (the lady of the cats) but some were authentic masterpieces.

costume costumes

The Halloween Smoothie was not perfect, but I hope it was as fun as it was for me to all the participants. I would like to thank everyone who came to celebrate such a special date and, especially with the OPORA team for all the countless help provided during the preparation of the event and during the party. I cannot forget either that all this was possible thanks to my project within the Erasmus + framework.

group picture