On the 9th of November the time had finally come! We, the new volunteers, started the trip to our on-arrival-training in Vladimir. On our way, we had some time to visit the cities of Kazan and Moscow, before finally arriving on the 3th of November to our destination – the ancient capital of the region Vladimir Oblast – Vladimir! 
On the first day we started with getting to know the other 22 volunteers from all over Europe, who had also decided to come to Russia as EVS volunteers. Due to the different origins of all the participants, we had a great chance to learn more about other cultures and about starting to be more aware of our own cultural identity.
During the seminars we supported and prepared ourselves physically and mentally for the following months as volunteers. We shared previous experiences and searched solutions for the problems we have already encountered in our projects. It was a great and inspiring experience to meet so many motivated people from all over Europe. We are already looking forward to our mid-term-training!
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