Kinoclub- Mother Tongues

The 21st of February is the International day of Mother tongue and in Opora we could not miss this opportunity to celebrate culture and diversity.

With this idea in mind, we prepared ( with all our effort and love) a very special KINOCLUB event in Точкe Кипения in the form of a film festival. From the 25th to the 28th we offered four different movies in different languages. The films chosen for this festival were Yeelen (Brightness) in Bambara language, Vehkleja (The Fencer) in Estonian, Errementari in Basque language (The Devil and the Blacksmith) and Салика in Mari Language.


The films were followed by a short discussion of the film and the language in which it was filmed. In order to make the discussion and the event even more interesting, we invited native speaker of these languages to join  with us and answer the questions that might arise.


This festival would not have been possible without the help of the native speakers who shared their time with us and without all the time our ESС volunteers devoted to its preparation. This kinoclub would to have been possible without OPORA and ERASMUS + Programme support. You can find more info about the programme here. If you too are interested in an ESС project at Opora, you can get more information here.


Thank you everyone for coming and making of kinoclub such a great experience!

Аuthor of the article:
Miriam Núñez, ESC volunteer in OPORA