Спасиба Трамплин – Live!

My name is Lara Laban and I am a mechanical/control engineer from Belgrade (Serbia) and this is, I guess my love letter to the amazing staff and kids of Трамплин.

Well, I am not sure where to start. I am not much of a writer, so to express how Опора, and most of allТрамплин made me feel kind of feels impossible. I could say the experience was dazzling, bewildering, uplifting, mesmerizing, vivid, truly one of a kind.

I am not sure who to thank more, Almira for picking me, or Blandine, Miriam, Jan and Javakhir for accepting me as 5th volunteer (even though I came pretty late to the party), or Sergej for making the whole thing possible. The amazing staff who I adored Kolja – an incredible masseur, engineer and forever the best leader, okay second best leader after the amazing Alisa (youngest camp member). The whole cook team – the amazing Marina, Anja, Tatijana, medical team, technical team (all of the Vova’s), the sport instructors Lena, Mehrozdin(как ты могла?) and Andrej (katamaran king), the amazing Kaca (with organization skills well beyond her age), Sasa, Jelisej and the whole art groupe, the best camp leaders I have ever seen for all 4 amazing group of kids (special thanks to Kaca, Sasa and the third group for excepting me into their games and camp fire nights), Sifer, Losa, Vanja, and Sasa the medic thank you for treating us when needed, I am realizing it is near impossible to write all you names here, so please don’t be offended if I skipped someone cause I would probably misspell some names, I cherish all of our time and I even miss the 23h meetings do you believe it; anyways I feel like it is time to say thank you to
the brightest and most magical people of the camp, the life altering and wildly enthusiastic humans –the kids!

Here I am for sure in the loss of words, I had an amazing time with all four groups the green ones, the red ones, the orange ones and last but not least the blue ones. I am not sure how to get over you guys, you made me smile all the time, rethink everything and dream along with you.

I feel so honored to get to know these wonderful, well poised, mature, compassionate, gifted, brilliant and thoughtful children. I have never ever had so much fun drawing, playing the flag, being the ajkula, thanking about politics and money currency, playing sword fights, being a pirate…Saying goodbye to you was one of the hardest moments in my life, and you left me the most wonderful memories to cherish. I will always keep the beautiful bracelet you made me during the bonfire, the beautiful drawings you left  in my sketchbook, the good advice you gave me. I will miss dearly our ninja fights, even though I suck at that game. And I would like to stress that I still think you guys should have won the football finale, just saying, booo the staff team. Cause you were amazing! I loved our disco, the dance moves some of you showed me, the russian rap and rave, and most of all our theme song you all sang along each night too! I will also never forget the prisoners during the flag game, you guys were awesome I can still hear spasite, pomozite in my head all the time. And I truly hope you enjoyed our time together as much as me, and I have many of you on instagram – but those who I don’t have @lara.art_comics. Please write to me, I will always want to hear from you, and if ever in the Balkans, this goes for the staff as well just call me up I will great you and show you around!

I am sad for not knowing russian better so I could communicate more, and if I come back I promise to learn it and speak it fluently, even though you guys made me feel like there was no barrier at all, and many of you spoke better english than me, and were quite the little linguists! And those of you who didn’t made sure to make biggest effort to communicate which was beyond touching and gorgeous. I want to say to all of you that I truly believe you will all be great people when you grow up (mostly because you are already breathtaking little humans) and achieve all of you dreams, at this point you are far more skilled, versatile and persistent than most people I know, and I hope you stay that way and only improve more! And never forget I meant everything I said all of you are beautiful on the inside and out, and inside counts even more. My biggest regret was not having more time to get to know all of your dreams and hobbies, because I mean artist (I mean painters all around), musical geniuses (the guitar skills the voices), wood specialists, swimmers (shout out to my favourite swim team!), footballers (shout out to my favourite player of all time Arljom), future presidents, phycologists and doctors, dancers, impossibly delightful and positive little people, wonder kings, who I came to love so much, and will miss you immensely without a doubt in my mind.…thank you for the hugs, the smiles, for sharing your secrets
but out of all said thank you the most for being my friends!

Love you forever and always, Лара, Србија