4 Mar

The 21st of February is the International day of Mother tongue and in Opora we could not miss this opportunity to celebrate culture and diversity. Далее »

10 Nov

On the 9th of November the time had finally come! We, the new volunteers, started the trip to our on-arrival-training in Vladimir. On our way, we had some time to visit the cities of Kazan and Moscow, before finally arriving on the 3th of November to our destination – the ancient capital of the region Vladimir Oblast – Vladimir!  Далее »

1 Nov

Pumpkins, bat, skeletons, Mummys… For a reason I still have not discovered, I have always been attracted to Halloween but, in spite of this attraction, it was only a few years ago that I started celebrating it. Далее »

6 Oct

At the beginning of September, Opora welcomed a volunteer from the Spanish Basque County. At the end of the month, a new volunteer from the other side of the Basque border has arrived: Blandine. Далее »

28 Sep

On the 26 September we held a little party at Дворце Молодежи to say goodbye to our beloved volunteer from Hungary, Sara Jankovszki. Далее »

12 Sep

On September 7th Opora held a welcome party with the intention of getting acquainted with our new  volunteer, Miriam. She comes from the Basque Country, a region in the north of Spain, and will stay with us for 12 months. Далее »

6 Sep

The last Film Club gathering was held yesterday 4th September at Контора co-working space where a group of about 50 people could enjoy the chosen film and participate in the discussion held afterwards. Далее »

5 Sep

Opora is partner to a two year-project aimed to empower local communities in 6 European countries: Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia and to strengthen a sense of European community across borders. This project includes meetings, trainings and exchange of long-term volunteers; in its framework, Opora will welcome Jan Bergmann, a German volunteer, for 12 months.

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1 Aug

Just closed “Tramplin”, Opora’s camp for children, devoted to survival in nature

Try to watch it from outside and probably you will not see anything but chaos, an indistinct confusion. Come closer, come a little bit closer and, maybe, that sense of confusion will not abandon you. Here, this is the confusion of the Beauty, since in “Cosmos” Harmony lives, in “Chaos” Beauty. And this is Tramplin’s Chaos. Далее »

4 Jul

Our volunteer Sara Jankovzki has taken part in the Mid-Term Meeting (MTM), a training for EVS volunteers in Russia to meet each other and reflect together on their experience. The MTM took place on 21st-23rd June in the small city of Rostov Veliky in the region of Yaroslav, about 200 km north of Moscow.

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